Form nerd

Last night I put off doing the census for as long as I could by reading almost every blog on my favourites and following the links and checking for updates on the SPC site. But I knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep unless I did it on the night it was meant to represent. I was modern and did it online like I do with tax and banking (what speak to a person? not if I can help it). As I got stuck in I really started to enjoy it. Weird. Maybe it's the bureaucrat in me but I quite like to tick boxes and it gives me a small pleasure to think that our little lives are being added to the bigger picture. Not that it will probably do any good in any meaningful sort of way, but I feel like we have been counted.

Some questions made me think. In particular number 48, "In the last week did the person spend time doing unpaid domestic work for their household?" Blood oath I did, I thought and went to check the more than 30hours a week box and then I had a little think and checked the 15-29 box for each of us. Maybe I'm not as overwhelmed by housework as I think I am or maybe I'm getting very quick at it. Or am I forgetting some and not counting it? Anyway, I went to sleep with this question on my mind, because heaven forbid that I should fill out an official government form incorrectly.

In the morning, Grace reached onto my desk and then bumshuffled around the house with it before finally placing it the bottom of the stroller, ready to take to mother's group. I just made it today, at least 15 minutes before everyone else had to go, held up by pesky washing up and laundry chores that I just cannot leave the house without doing. Perhaps I need to loosen up a bit.


Emily said...

I am also a form nerd, so i sympathize... checking boxes, coloring bubbles, mindless thinking...

Rachel said...

Thanks so much for stopping by last night while avoiding the census. Reading is so useful when you want to avoid doing a task. peach jam sounds wonderful. Or chutney. But I've no experience with canning. Can't you poison people if you do it wrong?
I think your blog will fast become one of my favorites. A peek into your garden, your scullery, your life on the other side of the world.
PS: Your succulent baskets look amazing.