Trash and treasure

The weekend didn't quite turn out as I hoped and planned. No time was spent in front of the sewing machine, none whatsoever. So my WIPs are still WIP. And thinking about the weeks ahead, there's not much chance of progress from WIPs to finished, usable objects. Not unless I sew at night. I don't really like machine sewing at night. I like to sew in daylight and when I'm not tired. Better for not getting into an endless cycle of unpicking and resewing (and swearing).

We did however squeeze in a trip to my favorite weekend market, sometimes more trash than treasure. The last few times I've come away almost empty handed, but yesterday I was in the zone. I was on the lookout for some more challenging toys for Grace, but I didn't see anything good. (Maybe we might check out the toy library). Mostly what I bought were books, a kooky craft book which no doubt will feature later, some childrens' books and some nice melamine plates and bowls for camping and picnics. The stall holders were in fine form, throwing in little bonus presents for Grace and doing deals. My favorite deal included this cloth doll, for about $2. She's old and a bit grubby, obviously well loved.

I seem to remember seeing this type of doll somewhere before. I tried to identify what type of doll she might be from the internet. All I could come up with was a picture of something similar called a jester doll on ebay from the 1920s. I don't think she's that old, but it's hard to tell.  I'm debating whether or not to wash her gently. I'm afraid she'll come apart, but she is quite dirty and would probably be a lot prettier after a bath.

I love it that she is so obviously handmade. I particularly like the small even stitches down her back. I like to imagine some mother making this doll for her little girl. Maybe once some of my WIPs are finished, I might make one for Grace.


stuffed said...

Lovely little doll. Do you have any idea of its stuffing? I would be wary of a soak but a gentle surface wash might have a happy ending... assuming the face doesn't come off. :)

Janet said...

I think I'll leave her dirty for a while. Maybe a gentle sponge wash when the weather warms up. We'll see.

VictoriaE said...

I LOVE that doll.