Self portrait as Grace's mum

I've chosen this picture for my first self portrait challenge because becoming Grace's mother has changed my life and sense of self in ways that I never could have imagined. Grace is fifteen months old now and I'm starting to feel like I know who I am again. The same old me but different. Maybe even better. Happier.

I was 41 when Grace was born. I always knew in a vague way that I wanted to have children but when I met my partner, Gerard, this knowing became urgent and heartfelt. Only we didn't realise at first. Many times during our first six years together thoughts of getting pregnant and staying pregnant dominated my life. Everyday now, I feel lucky. Being part of Grace's life is the best thing, ever.


Tammy said...

You look so happy as a mom. Cute little angel :)

em said...

What a beautiful photo.