Road trip dreaming

Going back to work tommorow and I'm already thinking of how long it might be before I can take a nice long chunk of leave. I found this at Savers yesterday and almost didn't buy it because we are being overun by books here. But I don't often find anything good about camping, so I'm glad I did.

Published in 1976 by Rigby limited. The front cover alone has me considering the possiblities. We'd need a bigger tent, now we are three. Or maybe we could sleep out under the stars and awake to mornings like this.

Our last road trip was in the winter of 2004. We made the pilgramage to Uluru. We camped in the bush and at road stops along the way. Often we slept in the back of the station wagon.

Other places we pitched the tent and settled in for a few days.

We saw amazing sights everyday, even when we weren't looking. Our pace was slow and we checked out opshops in country towns. I read books and wrote in my diary. Gerard played his guitar. We went for walks and took photos. We did a lot of nothing. The camping set up was improved with the addition of some new cooking equipment and a table. We still took too much stuff but got really good at pitching camp and packing up. I wonder if a road trip could be fun with Grace?

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VictoriaE said...

Sounds so GOOD. The book and the real trip, and the idea of another trip.