One of those days

Tonight I was so pleased when G came home. To be able to hand Grace over and say, your daughter wants a daddy cuddle. Then of course she did what she's been doing most of the day and immediately wanted to get down. This is followed by leg clutching, arms reaching up and wailing. Then wanting to get down again. Each cycle taking less than two minutes. It's exhausting.

To be fair, the poor little mite may have been suffering from an elusive mystery illness. Yesterday Grace had a temperature and was grizzly. It was quite high so I called the doctor but couldn't get through. So I gave her some baby panadol and a cool drink and went to shower and dress. Before giving the doctor another call, I took her temperature again and it was back to normal. Decided not to go to the doctor and sit in the festy disease ridden waiting room afterall. Slight temperature on and off again today, but eating and no signs that anything is wrong apart from grizzling and clinging. We'll keep an eye on things. Mum came over today, so it wasn't too bad.

After lunch, there was some sunshine and it's been quite windy lately so it was dry enough to let Grace loose in the garden. This is her absolute favourite thing, she gets really excited and quite dirty. But what's an extra pair of pants to wash in exchange for half an hour of no grizzling? Maybe she's bored being inside alot. I know I am.


I enjoyed being in the garden too and managed to pull some weeds and plant some very stunted seedlings from the seed box of failure. I'd moved from using polysterene fruit boxes to waxed cardboard for my seed raising. Bad idea. The soil stays too wet and the seeds germinate but don't grow well. I'm going back to polysterene. Not very organic but these boxes have just the right balance between water retention and drainage. And the seedlings thrive.

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