Ms Annie and the WIPs

So many sewing projects going on. I do a little of each here and there, telling myself that progress no matter how small, is progress. Am I kidding myself? I've thought about ditching the blanket and moving on. Everynow and then I purge my sewing space of projects that will never be finished. I think I do want to finish the blanket, even if it ends up being used as a camping blanket. Probably I'm having mid project doubts, thinking it's going to be too weird, too rough, too homemade. I know these, in themselves, are some the reasons for making a blanket in the first place. But still the doubts come, is it worth the effort? Is making anything worth the effort? I could just go and buy a blanket or continue using one of the many fine blankets we have in the linen closet or hanging around the loungeroom. But it isn't about needing a new blanket or economics, it's about this idea I had, seeing how it would turn out, what I could learn along the way, enjoying the making. Need to remind myself that it is a hobby, not a do or die quest for perfection.

I have done some piecing, and am nearly up to having all big squares for the final piecing. I'm starting to think of edging possibilities. The squares are sitting on top of the elegant fruit box of strips to be turned into a rag rug, which is sitting on top of the cot doona I need to make a cover for, now that Grace is old enough. On top of the squares are two pairs of pants that have had the first lot of felled seams ironed and are awaiting attention. Must get to these pronto as I am facing a serious wardrobe crisis. On top of all this sits the latest steiner doll , Ms Annie.

I am really enjoying making these dolls. I think they may have become my winter making something in front of television obsession.  I might try some other small handsewn toys too. The small stitches and gentleness of them is very soothing. It doesn't seem to matter if they are imperfect. Of course I'm always trying to improve my stitching and technique. However,for some reason, I am not making these dolls with big ideas of how they will turn out and am happy for the features and adornments to evolve as I go. I think this is why they are so relaxing to make.

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