More books please

One of the big charity opshops in my suburb has the most amazing book section I have ever seen in an opshop. It's big but not too big, and roughly sorted into paperback fiction, hardback fiction, kids books and several non fiction categories. Nothing is sorted by author, but it's small and well presented enough that you can scan each row. Every month or so, I spend an hour there on a Saturday afternoon by myself checking the shelves at leisure. This weekend's haul was pretty good. Some novels, a feminist non fiction title, a Richard Scarry book for Grace when she's a bit older.

My tottering bedside "to read" pile is now rich with choice. I've been buying most of my general reading at this shop for years now. Books range from $2 to $5 with most around $2.50. The turnover is high and I find that most books I would want to read turn up here sooner or later, even some that are quite obscure. I often find newly released books in good condition. I've thought about joining the library but while I enjoy libraries in theory, as a place to research or spend time reading, I find the time pressure to read and return books stressful. Or I forget and end up with fines to pay.

This way I can keep the book for as long as I like. Most books don't find a permanent home here and either end up on a market stall, given away or returned to the opshop.

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VictoriaE said...

I love that idea. I love the idea of that pile of books you can read or not read, keep or give away, whatever you feel. I think its very cool that reading another persons op-shop routine can give me another idea of how to get more fun and enjoyment from op-shops.