Little friends

What a lovely weekend! On Saturday afternoon, we had some visitors from tassie and as always, it's nice to catch up. Grace was very excited to have two little playmates,  Aisling, who's three months younger, and Xavier who's three. For a 15 monther and only child like Grace, an older child who will pay her attention is a real treat. When there's a mass of older kids, they tend to run in packs which is not so fun for her. But this was great, Xavier played with Grace and let her follow him around. There was even a moment, before nap time when all three got down among the toys.

And then there was cake and tea and beer. I made a little friend when I offered Xavier the icing spoon to lick. Probably should have asked his parents first. Luckily, they weren't too fussed. When Grace saw cake and cream, she got even more excited. Not to mention the thrill of trying to use a fork (whisked away moments later).

 The children spent much time grinding cake into the carpet which gave me a kind of perverse pleasure. How I loathe the carpet in this house. At least nothing can make it worse. Then high on sugar, the two older children bounced on the furniture. At least Grace didn't squeal for half an hour like she did last time after cake.

On Sunday we went to visit some old friends of G's in Werribee. The little boy Fin, is about Grace's age. When he awoke from his nap, Grace was already playing with his toys. Fin didn't seem to mind, just got down on the floor and played alongside her. How different it is, looking after your child in someone else's home. Particularly when you don't know them so well. Fin doesn't really eat sweets so I'll know not to have slacker chocolate cake when we return the hospitality. Grace pulled out all Fin's toys which stressed G a little. I figure that when visiting homes with children of a similar age, that sort of behaviour is expected. Grace made a bit of a mess at lunch, also expected. What did surprise me was how friendly Grace was with lots of new people. Usually she's a little reserved at first.

And I got some sewing done, and the ironing. G also mowed the lawn and manged to have some time in the shed. And I got to watch the new Dr Who which I am becoming very entranced by. Such a lovely weekend.

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em said...

She's so cute! I'm glad Grace had fun with her little buddies.