I think things are getting better

I've been suffering from the winter blues. Tired and achey and always a bit on the verge of catching something. The housework has been getting me down, as have the piles of unfished sewing and neglected corners of the garden. Not to mention the cold and wet. To make it worse, G is pretty grumpy too. I feel like we need a change of scenery, maybe a weekend in the country, but each weekend has been packed to the brim. Which is good, but..

Anyway, as I am quite fearful of becoming depressed and needing to be put on medication, I had a bit of a look at my life. Here's what I decided:

  • More sleep. In bed by eleven, no matter how interesting the computer/book/telly/craft project. Only to be broken when I know for certain that I can sleep in the next morning or when there's obscenely good red wine on offer or it's new years eve or some such.  I tried this last night and already I feel better. Still tired, but better.
  • Go to the gym, go to the gym. Yes, it's time consuming, inconvenient and sweaty, but it's better than feeling crap. There's something about being stretched all over and really warm. Went yesterday and it was fantastic.
  • Accept that work/life balance is tricky. I had a good talk to the maternal health nurse at Grace's 15 month checkup. Talking out some of my feelings about going back to work has taken at least one knot out of my neck. It is OK to feel that working 2 days a week is enough for now.
  • Step out of the routine occasionally. I didn't go to mother's group today. Usually I'm a regular but it was nice to let Grace have a longer morning nap and to read in front of the heater for a while. Sometimes I get so caught up in racing through our days that I forget that we can have a different day every now and then.
  • Spend a little time every week cleaning a corner that's bugging me. I did the shelf above the stove today. It didn't take that long. Now I have something pretty to look at.

So now I just have to figure out when we can have that weekend in the country.

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em said...

I'm sorry you're having a blue time. You know I know how you feel as I've written about it recently. I have to say, a weekend in the country would be perfect - a girl can dream... *sigh*