Here comes the rain again

Wet sodden garden. Everything is dripping. Cold and dank. Laundry crisis. Everyone is a bit itchy and scratchy. We have cabin fever. Visitors drop by, we drink coffee and eat homebrand light fruit cake. Commiserate about the scandalous price of rental properties in our suburb. Apparently $340.00 a week now gets you something that may or may not be habitable. I would have expected polished foorboards, nice kitchen and bathroom, light open plan living and a dishwasher. Not necessarily so. And it is all very competitive, with many applicants for each house. Once again I feel lucky to have this house, even with crappy carpet and dodgy window frames. Sitting in the warm kitchen is nice, despite the laundry everywhere.

I go shopping and bump into people I used to know at the supermarket. They have children now and had heard about Grace on the grapevine. It is pleasant, old irritations hardly surfacing. I go home and find the day has got better, even if it is still wet and cold. I make cupcakesfor the mother's group toddler birthday party on Sunday and listen to country and western music. Later we eat vegaterian pea soup and watch Dr Who, followed by a dvd and an early night.

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