Grooving at the gym

Last night I forced myself to go to the gym on the way home from work. Even though it was late and I was tired and so didn't want to go. But I did. Once I was there it was OK, sort of fun in a sweating and struggling sort of way. I am not losing weight anymore, so I need to eat more and excercise less. Oops, that is so wrong, I need to eat less and ..

One of the best bits about going to the gym after work is that the music is way better than during the day. Much more upbeat. They were playing Rock Lobster by the B52s an old favorite of mine, took me back to high school? I almost felt like dancing. Then I remembered all the dancing phases of my life, so in no particular order, 10 favourite tunes for bopping around my loungeroom...
  1. Rock Lobster by the B52s . Released in 1979, this was on high rotation at high school socials and even in the early days at uni. I have vague memories of a motion in the ocean party.
  2. Firestarter by the Prodigy. Memories of dancing all morning in the middle of a big dirt dancefloor surrounded by forest at one of the best parties I can remember. Gentle sunlight.  A really cool campsite. A long drive home. Would have been 1997/98.
  3. Holiday by Madonna. I loved this first album, released in 1983, with a passion. It was quite uncool in the lefty/alternative circles I mixed in. Luckily some of my friends also liked it and I then made some new friends. Who also liked to go out dancing and led me to places where where I was introduced to queer culture and became a bit of a faghag.
  4. Chocolate Jelly by Jasper Van Patterntangle from the Clan Analogue Twenty Disco Greats. I have no idea where I bought this CD from or why (lucky fluke?), but it was sometime in 2000, pretty much after my time of going to parties was over. This CD always gets me moving. It's a bit sad that it's mostly been doing housework.
  5. Temptation by New Order. Released in about 1987. I love this song, it reminds me of smoky university parties, hot nights, cold nights, too much beer, unrequited love and long walks home.
  6. Sexx Laws by Beck. G & I went to see Beck play in Melbourne a few years back. I felt like we were the oldest people there but it was a great concert. While I really love some of his folkier music, he does a rocking hip swaying a dancing tune. Another housework favourite.
  7. Venus, the Bananarama version in all it's eighties trashiness. I know that it would be cooler to say the Shocking Blue version, but I'm a big dag and always preferred the Bananarama version. That ad even makes me want to bop. I know, it's sad.
  8. Ancient Future by Third Eye. This came out in the mid 90s. Playing this always take me back to my first ever outdoor dance party in the forest. A couple of hundred people dancing in a clearing near a paddock. Some fluoro art work. The scene got bigger really quickly and even if I wasn't too old, I don't think I would like what it's become.
  9. Staying Alive from Saturday Night Fever by the BeeGees. I remember trying to see this movie when I was 15, but it was R rated so I didn't. It is my favorite musical, just love the opening and the end is so sad. And as for the dancing, all I can say is John Travolta was cool.
  10. Believe by Cher. This song was playing when G walked into the club were I was celebrating a friends' birthday. From where I was dancing, I spied him in a sea of people and remembered meeting him some years before. The rest is history.
I kind of miss going out dancing and going to see live music. We do go out to see music sometimes together when the babysitting stars aIign but G doesn't really like dance music & I don't really like the rock/punk he prefers, so our music dates have to be in the middle somewhere. He did convince me to go with him to see the Neil Young Greendale concert which was sublime. And I know that there will be more music dates. Sometimes I tell myself that after Grace is all grown up, I'll become a disgraceful old age pensioner and go dancing and partying again. But I think those days were gone even before I became a mother. Possibly never to return. There is always the loungeroom and the gym.

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