Frosty mint leaves

No WIP tonight. It's got to the stage where work and progress in the same sentence as craft is a bit of a joke. I could post some pictures of some mending or of the mending piles still waiting for attention or of pile shuffling that's been going on. But I'm not going to. Hopefully tommorrow I'll have time to sit in front of the sewing machine and attack those piles. Before they take over the house. Then I can relax and have the space to do some fun stuff.

This morning when I got up it was close to zero, very cold for inner Melbourne. I waited for the sun to come up and sure enough Jack Frost had been to visit. The back bit of our yard was covered in hard crunchy frost, the sort that crackles under your foot. The frostiest I've seen it since some time in the 90's. So after breakfast, I snatched a few moments in the backyard with my camera.

This is a close up of an artichoke leaf. I think it looks like one of those spearmint flavoured, leaf shaped lollies. Yes, mint leaves.

This is the frost on the green manure crop in the resting veggie patch. You can see little frozen droplets of water, ready to glint in the sun. It would have been fun to catch the sun sparkling on the frost as the day dawned but I was beginning to run late for work as it was. I ended up not leaving enough time to defrost the car. It took several buckets of water and some serious wiping before I could set off. I was late, but so was almost everyone else. The frost being an excuse. I'm looking forward to checking out how the garden has survived. Most things are petty hardy. And those that aren't have been planted in frost protected spots. We'll see.

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