Dreary sunday

It has been raining and grey most of the day. I know we need the rain. I know it's good for water storage, good for the farmers and good for the garden. But it's dreary and it gets me down. I managed get out of the house and go to the gym. Normally this cheers me up. Even watching the hardy swimmers in the steaming outdoor pool failed to amuse me.  Today I felt like I was doing my duty and was glad when it was over. Not in a good way. Before going inside I took this photo of the streetscape through the car window.

Later after a shower and lunch I was still moochy and irritable. I tried to channel my inner pollyanna and to find something bright and happy. I thought about how the rain deepens colours, something I often really enjoy in summer. Then I saw Mr Clicky in the back of the Nylint truck on Gerards' workbench. Mr Clicky is a favorite toy and Grace often posts him through the cat door.

 I think he looks quite cheerful on top of the truck on the wet grass. After playing with Mr Clicky, I felt a bit better.  But I am so hanging out for spring.

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