Broad bean beauty

It's only Tuesday and already the week feels like it's coming to bits. Grace is not her usual easy going self, she's just learnt to pull herself up to a standing position and is holdong onto furniture, wobbling and then falling on her bottom. Lots of tears, lots of needing to be cuddled. She's also being unusually fussy about food and resistant to having a nap, even when she's so tired you can see black circles under her eyes. And on Thursday, I'm going back to work. It's only part time but the whole process has been one of negotiation. With my employer, my mum and with Gerard. It will be OK, but I feel sick in my stomach and I'm not sleeping too well.

This morning I struggled to get through the simplest of tasks and hadn't even done the dishes when my mum arrived for her usual Tuesday visit. I am so lucky that she does this. So while she watched Grace bumshuffle around the garden and get muddy, I jumped around the vegetable patch and got into my broad beans. I am so into broad beans. Home grown broad bean and coriander dip, broad bean pasta, broad bean soup. And I love to watch them grow. This is the half row I planted in the legume/brassica rotation. I think it's time for another sowing.

Next year I might try an early autumn sowing, as the self seeded plant at the edge of the the big bed, which has just been sown with green manure, has set flower already. Unless we are really unlucky with frost, I think we might be in for an early broad bean treat.

Aren't they lovely? I can't wait to have a whole row of them all flowering. When there's a whole row, sometimes you can smell them too. Subtle but sweet.

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