50 thoughts about blogging

  1. This is my 50th post and I'm going to mark the occasion with a list.

  2. I'd sort of heard of blogs before May 2006, but I'd never read one.

  3. G had one about 5 years ago, but I wasn't interested.

  4. None of my close friends or family have blogs, yet.

  5. I think I've told most of them about muppinstuff.

  6. I tell people because knowing that friends or family might read my blog imposes some necessary boundaries.

  7. And because I like having some readers.

  8. When I used to write short stories, they were mostly autobiography too.

  9. Most of the time when I wrote about other people, they were pleased to be in one of my stories.

  10. I'm hoping this will also be the case with blogging, but I guess you have to be careful not to tell someone else's story.

  11. I really enjoy my other blog, Mrs Washalot which is only about laundry related matters. It doesn't have many readers and some people don't get it. I'm cool with that.

  12. Actually muppinstuff doesn't have all that many regular readers either.

  13. As I go on this bothers me less and less.

  14. If I keep blogging, I will find my little niche in blogworld.

  15. Sometimes when I write, it feels all clunky and clumsy. I'm trying to let it go rather than overediting.

  16. It all gets buried in the archives anyway.

  17. I chose Typepad over Blogger because of the categories, which I think make more meaningful archives.

  18. And because Typepad is prettier, I think.

  19. Not that there aren't some very pretty Blogger pages, but I'm picking you'd need to know HTML or be very clever.

  20. I really like reading blogs, sometimes reading blogs distracts me from writing one.

  21. Every week I discover a new corner of blogland and all the different lifestyles I come across amaze me. I'd never considered what it might be like to have 12 children to look after (found while looking for laundry links) or that one might want to post naked pictures of oneself on the internet (Typepad most recently updated list).

  22. Making comments sometimes freaks me out. Especially if what I've read is personal, difficult and/or profound and all I have is banality in response and yet feel compelled to comment. True foot in mouth territory. 

  23. But I have a go, because blogging is meant to be interactive. It's getting easier.

  24. I love getting comments, who doesn't?

  25. But I also don't mind if readers lurk. I'm a lurker too.

  26. Learning to use a digital camera has opened my eyes to the world around me.

  27. I like the ease of mixing words and pictures.

  28. Every now and then I think I should do a gardening blog, a cooking blog, a craft blog and then one where I write about stuff.

  29. But I decided not to separate all these things that are part of my life, except for the laundry.

  30. I'm sure one day that I will blog about something that is either really mind bogglingly stupid or dumb or that crosses some boundary or that offends someone. Or all of these things, all at once.

  31. There are a couple of new blogging projects lurking in the back of my mind, because really I am just not busy enough already.

  32. Mostly I blog in the late afternoon after I have done my housework and other bits for the day. While Grace is napping. After she wakes up she often sits on my knee while I browse or download photos.

  33. I also like to blog after dinner, unless there's something good on the telly or I decide to dust off the sewing machine.

  34. Why watch media when you can make your own?

  35. I try not to stay up too late but it can be seductive, the quietness, the peace, the tap, tap, tap of the keyboard.

  36. A while back, I was obsessed with finding and reading articles on blogging etiquette.

  37. I'm the sort of person that likes rules, even when I don't exactly follow them.

  38. The absence of a standard set of rules in blogland discombulated me somewhat at first.

  39. One day, I'll write my own set of rules because well, isn't that what one does?

  40. I haven't really figured out what my blogging rules would be yet.

  41. I doubt whether I will ever enter the swap scene. I'd be too worried about being an under or over swapper.

  42. I've been thinking about redoing my visiting links and about the selection criteria. I like the idea of my visiting list being the starting point of where I would send someone new to blogland on their first exploratory journeys.

  43. It fascinates me when bloggers refer to their blog as if it were a physical place. I know that blogs are physical inasmuch as the data is stored on a server somewhere but I think the feeling goes much deeper than that . I'm starting to have it too.

  44. I wish there was a spell check on muppinstuff. There is on Mrs Washalot. Sometimes my crappy spelling means I have to find an alternative word.

  45. When I look at my stats and referrers, I love to click on the google searches and see what collection of words has sent someone to one of my pages. Gardening and cloth nappy topics are the most common.

  46. Learning my first two HTML codes was so very exciting.

  47. I can do a link and an email address, hopefully my repertoire will expand as required.

  48. My favorites are bulging with all different blogs but there are some I visit very regularly.

  49. I've noticed that while my favorite blogs have different levels of self disclosure, they are also autobiographical in some way.

  50. Sometimes it is not what you say, but what you don't.


em said...

I have 2 questions:
1. Why did you decide to start a blog?
2. What is the swap scene?
You've prompted me to write a post about blogging too!

Janet said...

Em, I started a blog soon after Grace's first birthday. At her birthday party, I decided that I really needed a hobby, maybe something a bit creative. A week or so later I was on the internet, as we'd just upgraded to broadband, looking for meaningful writing about motherhood and stumbled on some mommyblogs. Then I found craft blogs and all sorts of other blogs and I knew I wanted one too!
About your second question, out among the truly crafty blogs, there are lots of organised swaps like http://www.backtack.blogspot.com/ where you can join up and be matched with a swap partner. You make them something and someone else makes you something. The idea is you send it with a cute parcel and everyone writes about the parcels they sent and received on their blogs. The last one was a soft toy. Apart from the competitiveness and under/over swapping fears, I think I'd get craft fear. Maybe one day.
Looking forward to seeing your post on blogging!

em said...

Thanks for answering my questions! Just looking at craft blogs makes me feel overwhelmed - I wouldn't know where to start. Which might explain why I've never got into doing craft projects, even though I love the end product so much.
Thanks also for the comment you left on my blog :)