WIP Friday#2

I like this idea of WIP Friday because what's happened both times is that I've spent some time on to my sewing projects and this makes me happy. First up today, I cut some more pieces for the blanket I'm making out of men's dressing gowns. Then I pinned them all together.

Next up, I started on a skirt I'm refashioning from a dress I bought at the op shop. The fun part of this was finding objects from around the house for tracing circles. These will go on the front.

I'm enjoying this project, mostly it's going quite smoothly, only one unpick & one waistband cut & redo. Hopefully the skirt will be OK enough to wear to work in a fortnight. Sigh. I'll have to think of a new day for sewing.

Later while Grace had her afternoon nap, much of which she spent bouncing around her cot (quite happily I might add), I sewed all the squares I had pinned & got a good start on the skirt. Now I'm going to go catch the end of Veronica Mars on telly.

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