WIP Friday

Sometimes my projects seem to drag on forever. That's my life with a small child, I think. But I do love making things; the sound of scissors crunching across the table, the meditative whir of the of the sewing machine, the excitment of a new piece of fabric, a design clicking over in my head while I hang out yet another load of washing. So the idea of show & tell in the form of WIP (Work in Progress) Friday introduced by Fiona at hopskipjump is an idea I can fully relate to. And it's an incentive towards at least a degree of progress.

This weeks craftiness is the beginning of a quilt/blanket for our bed inspired by an article I read in Country Threads from August 2003 about Wagga rugs. Waggas were originally made by colonial men from flour sacks. Later during the depression women made waggas from whatever warm material was to hand. Although made from necessity, of course many were creative & beautiful.  You can read more about waggas here if you like. I'm such a sucker for craft & quilting magazines from the opshop and mostly these magazines just feed my fantasy craft life. But reading about waggas last year got me thinking.

For a while I've been a bit obsessed by mens dressing gowns. You know, the old woollen ones. I love the fabric, the colours, the checks, the way it is warm, light & machine washable. So a couple of months ago, I bought three dressing gowns from a local second hand chain at a very reasonable price. They just hung around taking up space until the cold here in Melbourne moved me to action.

I started cutting them up on Monday. Throughout the week the squares lived on the sunroom table with the washing & the cat (of course). Every afternoon, I cut a few more squares while Grace played with bits of material on the floor & found new ways to create chaos.

This afternoon, the squares got smaller & smaller as I worked through each piece of material. Until I had a lovely pile of squares. And a box of skinny bits which, in the spirit of using everything, may well be made into a new rag rug.

I am pleased to get this far. Hopefully I'll be able to snatch some sewing machine time over the next week or so.

Much as I like the idea of being part of things like Friday WIP & Wardrobe Refashion '06 , I think I have to say at this point, that I don't think muppinstuff is going to be a craft blog. Sure I'm going to write about making things sometimes but those posts will be nestled among posts about the garden, mothering, the perlious state of our nation (I'm absolutely hating the new IR laws), about stuff that goes on in my life & around me. Yes, there will be banality, trivia & pretty pictures but I think it could get quite gruesome on occasion.

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