What does she see?

Today rolled in with a seething dankness that is very Melbourne. It wasn't all that cold or wet, just grey, damp & dank. There was a sour light this morning that sat in the back of my head like a migraine. Maybe I'm just tired. This week was really busy & although I like taking Grace out & about, it gets very tiring because she doesn't understand that she isn't allowed to rearrange the hosts CD collection, shuffle out onto the street or pull things off the shelf at my sisters shop. If I growl at her, she cries. So I try to contain & distract. Sometimes it works.

So it was very pleasant to spend a day at home where there is not really anything that she can damage or hurt herself with. I decided to do only the bare minimum of domestic drudgery and we spent the day in a kind of parallel play. I read while she banged pots & pans in the scullery. She unpacked & repacked toys & oddments while I cut & prepared sewing. I tried on sewing projects & she pulled all the shoes out of the wardrobe. She dressed herself in daddy's hat & (clean)undies while I pinned & snipped. 

And we took some photos of Graces favorite activity, looking out at the garden through the cat door. Our house is very old fashioned & there are no floor to ceiling windows, so unless someone holds her up to a window Grace can only see the sky. So she looks out the cat door.

Sometimes she looks out the cat door & cries, especially if I've gone to the (outside) toilet or I'm hanging washing & it's too damp for her to play on the grass. Most of the time it seems to be a happy experience. So today, I asked myself what does she see? I got down on the floor & took a look.

It's a bit of a bleak look up the garden path at the moment which is a pity because really there's quite a lot happening in the garden.

 There's coloured leaves..

And the wallflowers have started blooming.

The native iris is in full flight...

I took these photos while Grace was having her morning nap & felt quite cheered. Hopefully I'll get some time in the garden this weekend. This afternoon after the damp had cleared a bit, I took Grace for a garden tour & we played with the wind chimes. Then she had a shuffle up & down the path & over the grass. She got quite muddy but I think it would be a pity if all she saw of the garden was the view through the cat door.

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Em said...

Grace is so cute!
I love this idea (getting down to see the world from Grace's point of view). It's lovely (I might borrow it if you don't mind!)
Thanks, Em, Of course I don't mind if you, or anyone else, use this idea in any way whatsoever. Only the photo itself is mine. I'd absolutely love to see some photos from children's & babies points of view. Janet