Tissue box cover

We went supermarket shopping this morning, all three of us, which has become almost a Sunday morning habit and is more fun than you'd think. It's quiet, Grace loves the outing & shopping together means no mid shop phone call consultations or post shop recriminations over bad brand choice or lunch needs.

Anyway I bought a box of tissues. We don't normally buy tissues, being greenie hankie user types. I know this disgusts alot of people but hankies are quite clean if you wash & iron them. Nothing beats a hankie when you've got a runny nose or you've been crying alot. Anyway, the reason I bought tissues was because the other day I bought this at my favorite opshop.

It is a crochet tissue box cover and it was only $1 & it's green (my favorite colour). Someone's obviously put a lot of time& skill into this & although I can't imagine why one would think to make a green crochet tissue box cover, I do really like it. Now we have tissues for guests or whatever.

I always get a bit of a thrill when I buy something from the Don Bosco opshop. It's run by volunteers, has cheap donated goods and is very community orientated.  And to top it off, half the money raised goes to East Timor. The other half goes to another worthy cause, the name of which has slipped my mind.


robin said...

Very jealous of your rupert score.....I had many similar books as a child and R was a big fave.
I am really enjoying reading your blogs and writings. So far you have inspired me to plant garlic (red, italian var. from the friut shop at Barkley sq), bake a chocolate cake (yes that reciepe rocks) and..... not feel so guilty about watching big brother!!!
Keep up the fantastic work lady

janetscott said...

I had some glitter wax in the late forties/ early fities, as a child, and was very upset when my mother threw it away when we moved when I was nine.
I think it probably belonged to my older sisters before me, but I did not have a labelled box for it. It could be moulded by warming it in your hands, making petals to stick on twigs. I've no doubt bits stuck to the carpet, and were difficult to clean.