Some days you just get lucky

Even though I didn't sleep well last night on account of having to get up to go the toilet & then having racing thoughts about blogging, I did have a pretty nice day. Sometimes when I'm tired, it's barbed wire inside the eyelids, sometimes the day goes all floaty. Today was floaty and sunny.

I'm loving having a way to write again but I've just started to tell friends & family that I'm blogging and I've had some comments & email (thank you for both). It's at once thrilling & scary to have people read what I write. Apologies to anyone I should respond to but I do get very tongue tied (in a keyboard/internal censor way) when I try to write an email & it can take a while. I'm also finding that I get very tongue tied in the same way when it comes to leaving comments on other peoples blogs. Hopefully these things will pass with practice.

Anyway, after Grace & I attended mothers' group we had lunch with sister Betty, a fun part of our weekly routine. Then I went to do some shopping on the way home & popped into my favorite opshop where I found this...

How much? I asked. $1, the man said, but everything's half price today so it's 50c. How about $2, I said, thinking this is just far too much of a bargain even for a cheapskate like me. $1, then, the man at the op shop said. I still felt a bit guilty. Despite being nearly 40 years old, the book is in near perfect condition, apart from the inscription in the front.

I'd never heard of Rupert Bear before, so I did a web search. I must have been under a rock. Here is a Wikipedia entry &  The followers of Rupert Bear ,a fan site just in case you've been under the same rock. I'm looking forward to reading this to Grace when she's a bit older. The stories are in verse and very charming. And the illustrations, well ..

How cute can a bear & his little friends be?

There's no author or illustrator credit in the front pages of the book which I find very strange. Theres also no date except in the This Book Belongs To area indicating that the book was given as a gift in 1965. The paper & printing look about 60's too. Illustrations are signed by  the books creator Mary Tourtel. However given that she retired in 1935 I'm guessing that our new book is a reprint or collection of older works.

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