Mostly about my tree dahlias

Depite my despair about my looming return to paid work & the gloomy onset of a grey Melbourne winter there's been a burst of garden joy in every day. I see them when I walk up the street to our house with Grace in the stroller.

I see their petals fallen onto our neighbours dour clipped front lawn.

I see them out the scullery window while I do the dishes. They are there in the morning when I hang the washing out & again in the afternoon when I bring it in.

They're beautiful when the sky is grey, beautiful when the sky is blue.

We have a lot of tree dahlias, they're an ideal plant for a renters garden. You can propagate them from a piece of stem, they grow really big in a year, bigger & better in two.Over summer they form a pleasing green backdrop to any sort of garden bed or a screen for a fence or ugly view. Then in early winter, a flush of big blousy blooms. If you have to leave your garden, you can just cut off a branch and have a dozen new plants. And if you get sick of them, they're non-invasive & easy to pull out. Not that I could imagine that, every year I grow more & more attached to them.

On another note, I started my first planned wardrobe refashion item this afternoon. Just as I hit the sewing zone & my jumper remake was starting to take shape, there was a plaintive wail from a little girl. It wasn't one of those dreamy days when I can sew while Grace plays alongside with her toys or indeed anything other than the pedal to my sewing machine. I've tried putting myself in the playpen, but she either wails & howls or finds a way to move it so she can play with my machine pedal or the power board. Too scary on too many levels. So I guess the jumper will have to wait until G is around to co-parent or one night when I'm not falling asleep. 

I'm quite excited about the whole wardrobe refashion thing. It's something I have been doing on & off for ages, sometimes because I can't find stuff I like that fits properly, sometimes because of money & often just because I like doing it. Hopefully I'll get lots of new ideas & stretch myself a bit. And end up with savings to spend on fun things like shoes..


Elizabeth said...

I found your site from Wardrobe Refashion, and just had to say how much I agree with you on the subject of tree dahlias :)
They are a lovely lift on a grey Melbourne day.
Thanks, lovely to know there are other tree dahlia fanciers out there, Janet

Krikor Didonian said...

Hello, really like the pictures of your tree dahlia's. I have some stems but have found very little on exactly how to propagate them. The stems I have are large - about 6- feet long and have two nodes, one on either end. Can I just cut a one foot piece (6inches on either side of the node) and lay it flat in the ground covered with a bit of soil?
Thank you for your help.
San Francisco, CA

Jenny said...

Hi, Discovered your blog when I googled tree dahlias.A friend gave me some dry looking sticks and assured me they would grow into these anazing flowers. Hopefully they turn out as lovely as yours.