Little girls in dresses

Grace mostly wears trousers, tshirts and jumpers with either woollie booties that my mum knits or soft soled shoes that I bought on impulse. Most of her clothes are in strong colors, there's a bit of pink but it doesn't dominate. Some days it all matches, other days depending on what stage of the laundry cycle or how many changes of trousers she's had, the combos get a bit freaky.  She can go through 3 or 4 pairs of trousers in a day because she bumshuffles, wears cloth nappies at home and I let her play in the dirt.

Every now and then, either because there's a special occasion or because we're going somewhere flash, I put her in a dress. Her dad loves to see his little girl in a dress, as does her nan and I guess I do too. This dress, which my mum made out of recycled Liberty Lawn was a favorite last summer.


The other day mum and I were at the opshop with Grace (a treat for me because mum was entertaining Grace & stopping her from creating complete chaos) and I found a box of 1950's patterns for 50c each. Most were for elegant ladies wear but there were some childrens patterns. This is my favorite..

It's seems quite difficult to find what I'd call proper little girl dresses, in good colors. There's lots of dresses, most of them are pink and many of them are weird. I won't buy anything that has slogans, words, branding,  strange adult styling or that needs to be handwashed. Any dress I make for Grace at the moment has to be very short, on account of the bumshuffling, & probably worn with trousers or leggings. Maybe this will change when she starts walking, which is not looking like it will happen any time soon. She's heading on to 14 months now, so I guess she's going to be a late walker.

Sometimes I worry about what she'll want to wear when she's older and how long I can keep her in childlike clothes. Part of me hopes that she might be a tomboy & want to wear pants all the time, at least until she's 18 or so. But then I do like the dresses... 

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