If you have a garden, there's always something to eat...

Lunch today was looking a bit grim as I hadn't had a chance to go to the shops (waiting for the electrician to come & fix the heater in the bathroom) & we've almost run out of fruit & veg. I thought, well, I'll go & see if there are a few beans left. No, it's definitely now too cold for beans. So I had a look around & this is what I came up with; silver beet leaves, garlic tops & pea shoots.  Not bad for a winter garden that has pretty much slowed right down.

Add a couple of mushrooms, a very bendy carrot, some marinated chicken strips from the freezer, some noodles & we have yummy chicken stirfry. Grace was most pleased. I think this is her favourite lunch, none gets thrown on the floor or fed to the cat!

Tonights dinner was also supplemented from the winter garden, egg pasta with pesto made from pine nuts, garlic, lots of parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme & marjoram. I think I like this pesto almost as much as basil pesto. It also works well with other nuts, especially almonds. Observant cooks may notice the absence of parmesan. I used to buy this great italian parmesan from one of our local shops but G is vegetarian & we recently discovered that this cheese is full of rennet. I haven't been able to find a rennet free parmesan worthy of the name.  So we are doing without. I miss parmesan!  

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