Grrr it's cold

I'll try not to keep banging on about it, but I reckon this is one of the coldest winters we've had in Melbourne for a while. It's definitely one of the wettest. Maybe summer just erases each memory of the previous winter, to be completely forgotton until that moment in late autumn when I decide that it is definitely too cold to wear sandals anymore & I get out the suitcase of winter clothes packed away last spring. Unpacking the winter clothes this year I thought, with a full blown case of winter amnesia, surely it won't be cold enough for thermals, they're only for camping & going up to the hills. Aren't they? But I unpacked them anyway. And what have I been wearing for the last week? Thermals. Light woollen thermals layered with normal clothes. And woollie socks, beanies, scarves & coats. Not beanies & scarves inside very often, we do have some heating.

This morning the mist was heavy enough to make the news & cause chaos at the airport. When I took this picture at about 9.00am it didn't seem too bad.

As it cleared, I realised just how much the fog obscured. The weather forecast promised sunny breaks but it was grey all day. Perfect for SAD, but I'm fighting the SAD. I've bought some light orange tinted sunglasses & they cheer up the landscape when we go for our daily walk. Also I think going to the gym & lifting weights helps.

Unfortunately I couldn't go to the gym today, eventhough I got a place for Grace at the creche, because she has a cold & is streaming great gobs of snot. I've been trying to teach her how to blow her nose but she just laughs at me. The creche has a very firm no sick children rule, so although she doesn't seem at all challenged (eating, sleeping, playing as normal)& doesn't even have a temperature, we stayed home. I'm wondering a little about this rule, though, because I think this is where Grace caught the cold in the first place. And how sick is sick? Is a sniffle sick? What about a little cough? Obviously, if she is really sick she'll stay home but it seems that at the moment every baby & small child I know has some degree of snottiness.

I've nearly finished my first official wardrobe refashion project. Not sure whether it's going to turn out but hey, that's always a risk when I try something new. One of the things that held me back yesterday from quality sewing time was my inability to perform simple administrative tasks on the net. I was trying to send a friend some photos I took at her daughter's birthday. Outlook was not co-operating, neither was the program that comes with the camera. I set up a Flikr account but it's going to take a while for me to get my head around using it. Every new thing just seems to take so much faffing until it clicks & I can work with it. I feel like such a late adapting technoklutz. Anyway I managed to kill our internet connection (with the camera program, I think) & my password was quarantined because bigpond thought I might be a hacker. I must say the the gentleman on the phone at aforesaid bigpond was very helpful & patient while sorting the problem out & was also able to explain to technoklutz why the problem happened in the first place.

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