Cat and mouse

This morning I watched Tony, our grumpy old black & white cat cavort on the grass like a kitten. It was awful, he had a mouse that he would allow to escape for varying amounts of time before pouncing. Again and again, and again. The poor mouse looked wet & shivery as it tried to escape the clutches of the evil Tony.

Luckily for the vermin who share our house Tony is generally a lazy creature, content to sleep away his days in one of his many sleeping spots. But not today. At one point I thought I should do something but then I thought, no this is Tonys' job. You see, we live in a crumbly old house & there have been mice in the walls ever since I moved in, way back when. Back then they were so bold that they would dart across the living room as you were watching TV. My cat, Patsy, soon took care of that. Then Patsy went missing & despite our best efforts to find her, never came back.

The mice returned with a vengenance. One morning while I was sleeping, a mouse came onto my pillow & ate a peice of my hair from my fringe. True, you could see the gnaw marks & I saw the mouse escaping. Needless to say this freaked me out. I have never been comfortable with the idea of ratsack ( I hear it's an awful death) & the idea of traps also horrifies me. So I went to the animal home that very evening & chose Tony.  His job is to deter the mice from entering our part of the house.Sometimes it gets ugly but mostly he succeeds in a low key sort of way & all creatures, including us, are happy enough.

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