Working through the basket

I'm making a valiant attempt to get through the piles of started projects sitting next to my sewing machine. Most of the simple, easy stuff, like mending, has been done. But I'm coming up against issues caused by my slackness with sewing. Example, the black cotton velvet trousers I cut out for Grace a couple of months ago & made up this weekend, are already too short. The rest of the material has dissappeared, possibly into a rag rug, so maybe I'll redo them with contrasting cuffs. She's growing so fast.. or maybe I'm sewing too slow. A t-shirt I bought at Savers a couple of months ago, is a bit loose. (Oh joy! I like this issue.) Anyway this t-shirt had annnoying three quarter sleeves that cut into my inside elbow, so I did this...

with some material cadged from sister Betty. I also customised some stretchie suits for Grace. Mum bought these brand new from the op-shop & although Grace wears real clothes during the day, these are still our favorites for bedtime.

Grace has long legs so I cut the feet off & put a cotton lycra band on them. I also don't like wearing clothes with advertising logos on them so, a quick applique & there you go. I've been doing these ever since Grace was little, otherwise she'd wear them for about a week before growing out of them. Only a few more tasks, then my basket will be empty..

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