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Nothing like a deadline, no matter how small, to get me to finish a piece of sewing. Yesterday I made Grace a little pink jumper dress out of a second hand angora jumper. This project has been on my mind for some time as she has no festive clothes that are warm, and not many of her unscruffy wardrobe items match. Nearly every top or bottom seems to have a pattern or stripe or bit of decoration. And they're all nice on their own but clash with each other.
This little jumper dress will co-ordinate with some patterned trousers that have no friends & look cute with jeans too. She wore it today, to a one year old birthday party. Eventhough it has some inevitable flaws, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. The length is long enough for it to look like a dress but still short enough for a little girl who bumshuffles. I finished the hem & the bodice with a three step zig zag & a row of straight stitching either side. Decorative but plain & it helps the hem to sit better - useful with a stretchy knit.

Getting ready this morning was a liitle better the usual drama when it's the three of us. I'm used to getting out with a small child & counting back from when we have to leave. Today I found myself directing G, moving things along earlier so it's not a big mad rush at the end. He doesn't like it. But if I don't direct & delegate then he gets himself ready & I'm still trying to change Grace, pack her bag & put my shoes on while he's starting the car.

I'm turning into such a mum. I have even started a present drawer, like my mum had, keeping it stocked with paper & ribbon. And buying gifts well in advance. I forgot about cards though & didn't have time to make some. At the last minute, I stuck some of those spot stickers very randomly on a piece of colored card. I think it turned out OK for a quickie.

The party was fun. Lots of kids about Grace's age crawling or walking around. The hosts kept it very casual & unstructured, sort of like playgroup with presents & a cake. After a settling in time on my lap, Grace was social with both kids & grownups, which is a new development around people she doesn't know well. It's very lovely to watch.

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Flibbertygibbet said...

Hello from a fellow Refashionista - the smocky jumper is adorable! Lucky Grace...
~ Gail ~