my life in pictures

Over the last day or so, I've been sorting through & albumising my photos. The last time I did this must have been sometime in 2000, as there were pics from our Tasmanian odyssey in summer 2000/01. It was a fantastic trip but few of the photos do it justice. Except for this one.

Ttaken on the road to nowhere on the West Coast. This is an isolated 3 or 4 hour drive through the Tarkine Wilderness & the Western Arthurs from Savage river, where we camped by the river near blackberry bushes that were home to many big black snakes, to Marawah in the windy north west. I like this picture because it says so much about our life then. The humbleness of our car, the roughness of the road & how happy I look. That was a fabulous trip, visiting friends & family of G in Hobart, lots of little road trips & the nine day West Coast adventure.

Later photos & road trips have a degree of sadness about them. There's pictures from the south coast of NSW in 2002, several months after we lost our son (at 20 weeks). I was pregnant again when we left, miscarried on the way, pregnant again when we got home at Christmas only to loose that pregnancy too. Then there's the photos from the family reunion in spring 2003, new job, yet another pregnancy loss.

Understandably there are some gaps until the next big trip in 2005. We were recovered & happy again so I took 6 weeks of work & we did the big central Australia trip. That was so much fun! Uluru is so worth visiting it's hard to explain. It really is as awesome as the pictures & so much more besides. Many other places were great too. The pictures hardly do them justice. Actually, very few of them do, I think I need to learn a bit more about how to get the colours to come out right. But the story of our trip in pictures reminds me of all the good things in our life & that we came home pregnant with Grace. Not even trying to. Just shows what a change of scenery, fresh air & relaxed lovin' can do, even with old farts like us.

Next will be sorting through the photos from just before and after Grace was born. This I am looking forward to. Grace loves it when I sort photos on the big coffee table in the lounge, lots of discard photos to scatter, books to flick through, stuff to grab. Thankfully she wasn't as clingy today, hopefully it is not just because it is the weekend & we are both around. The photos have already got me thinking about going camping again. We considered it last summer, but just couldn't organise it. Camping with a small child, hmmm... We must be crazy but I've heard it can be done.

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