I'm so tired, I might vomit

I've been sitting on the computer, looking at other blogs, looking up topics in the help, reorganising the favorites. You know, faffing. As you do when you are just so tired. When I have been in that early stage of pregnancy, I thought I would never know tiredness like that again. Then when I had a newborn I thought, this must be it. Surely I could never be more tired than this, ever. But today, after a few nights of not enough, not so good sleep & with a very active small child hell bent on finding every flaw in our baby proofing, I reached yet a new level. When the checkout lady at the supermarket asked me how how I was, I said, of course, "Fine thanks, how are you?" Really, as I watched my little pumpkin asleep in her snuggly stroller, I thought "I'm so tired I might vomit."

I wasn't going to blog tonight, but actually I've been really enjoying it. In a previous life, I was a faithful journal keeper & short story writer. So it feels good to have found a way back to a form of written experience. My goal is to try and do a little every day, even if like tonight I really don't feel like it. There. It's done, now I can go & hang out with co-parent & freshly bathed infant.

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