grey floating day

Today just sort of floated by. Nothing that was planned came to pass. A visit to see R & new bub was postponed till next week, the gym didn't ring with a creche spot. Any pressing housework had been done earlier in the week & I really didn't feel like washing windows or sorting out a cupboard. Sometimes I do, & until I get that feeling, extra tasks wait. As long as there is food to eat, plates to eat them off, clean clothes to wear & the floors are not a total sea of filth our housekeeping, beyond an hour or two in the morning to do the basics, is sporadic. If it looks OK, it is OK. I thought about weeding a garden patch, but it too can wait, the new winter seedlings are in, so again nothing needs doing really urgently. I like that our garden is a bit shambolic.

Grace was very clingy again today, she had to sit on my knee snuggled into my neck while I was faffing & reading other blogs. Even after had big cuddles & some stories on the comfy chair in her room. Normally that would be enough & she would shuffle off on Gracie missions of chaos around the house, coming back to check me out every so often. Maybe she's getting sick or teething or something. I'm looking forward to her being able to tell me what's going on.

So with time to whittle, I decided that I needed to get out. Melbourne weather is turning grey & grim. Not much fun for walking unless you're in that sort of mood. So we drove to the Op shop. It looked like the material had gone out yesterday so all the best bits were gone. Still, I got some green vyella, orangey red silk & dark red velvet. Unfortunately, the material is put out very randomly. Once it used to go out on Wednesday morning, but all the fabric heads found out & it turned into a bit of a bun fight. Which is probably why they changed it. Still there are bargains & interesting pieces to be found there from time to time. It's not really as though I need more material.

We bumped into a friend from mothers' group, without child. It's always funny seeing people I know mostly as mothers without their children. Sometimes when I go out without Grace, I feel like this big part of who I am is missing. That the person on public display, is incomplete. Other times it feels like freedom.

The best part of the day was when G came home. I held Grace up to the window to watch him come down the path & make funny faces. Immediately, the house felt lively and as it got dark all the greyness of the day dissappeared into cosy homelife and I felt happy again.

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