This weekend I've been trying to settle a design for muppinstuff that I like. And boy oh, boy what a frustrating process it is! First, getting my head around working with digital images. For two days the program I'm using seemed to be inhabited by nasty elves meddling with the layout so nothing ever looked the same & I could never get back to where I thought I was. Then suddenly it clicked & I can work it, enough to muddle through & start building some knowlege.  As for the page itself, there seem to be a million problems I can't resolve eg: getting the banner to sit even with the columns, getting the banner to show completely in the about page, or for the visiting list to alphabetise. I've read the help & figured out, I think, how to do these things in Typepad, I've saved, republished & cleared the cache on my computer but it just doesn't seem to be working.

At least I'm ahead of where I was a month ago, when I was sitting at the computer while Grace napped, casually surfing the net for something meaningful about motherhood. The first mommyblogs I found weren't that interesting. Then I happened on dooce & I thought ah, blogs, thats where it's at. This is great! Reading through dooce's archives, I happened on Melbournes' very own Loobylu . And like Alice through the rabbithole, I found myself in a whole new world. Online will never be the same again.

So thank you to dooce & Loobylu! By the way Loobylu has a new site Kiddley which looks fantastic. Independent and commercial, but in a totally good way. I can't wait until Grace is old enough to get crafty so we can try out some of the ideas. Anyway, check it out.

I have managed to do other things this weekend, some sewing of UFO's, some mending & a trip to the Vic market to buy a new pair of ugg bootees. The old ones were feral, being at least three winters old. And one of those winters was Grace's newborn time, a period of much ugg bootee wearing, vomiting, milk dripping & assorted grot. I managed to find the exact same style, only to find that they are the last pair, never ever to be made again. I've been wearing this style of ugg bootee since the late eighties, when I bought a pair to make getting up to write before work bearable. My new ugg bootees are very warm & very fluffy. I might even wear them for another three years.

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