I got some stuff done today but generally feel quite uninspired. Maybe it's the greyness of the sky & the way the cold creeps into your bones sucking out warmth & joy. I'm being a wuss. It's seriously not that cold here, compared even to other parts of Australia in winter (for example nightime central Australia or Hobart) & especially not compared to the northern hemisphere. I remember a winter I spent in London when I was 20. I was shocked to my core at the coldness & the dark, even during the day. When I came home, it was like a veil had been lifted, everything seemed so much brighter & clearer. I can't even begin to imagine what an arctic winter must be like.

At least houses in the UK were built for the cold, unlike our house here in Melbourne which is not comfortable in either very cold or very hot weather. We get both, but not for that long. It is however a great house in spring & autumn which sometimes seem endless. I guess I could go & buy another heater & chew up more brown coal.

Or, I could put on a hat. That's better. Now I can admire the window I cleaned while Grace was napping. It was filthy with road dirt & little hand prints.

The leadlight windows are one of the charming features of this house, the paint around them is not. Window cleaning is one of those things that takes me ages to get around to & when I do, I'm always impressed. Grace & I often sit at the window waiting for her dad. She can see him across the road, from the window seat or if she's sitting on my knee while I'm on the computer. It's a very exciting part of her day.

In the second year I was here, my friend Paul gave me the two silver birches as he'd bought more than he could fit in his garden. Over time the front garden has been transformed from lawn & hard clay to a fertile woodland with silver birches, native mintbush, ti-tree with groundcover of violets, ferns, agapanthas etc. It sounds a bit of a mish mash, but it's very low maintenance & always pleases me when I walk through the front gate. I moved into this house because of the big yard, but I never imagined that I'd live here long enough to have trees I planted mature.

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sooz said...

Hi Janet - welcome to the online world :-) I know what you mean about the Melbourne cold and grey - it's really snaped in the last week and I am not happy about it at all. It's pretty hard to be inspired.