baby blanket

Today hasn't gone exactly as I planned. I thought I was going to have a quiet day with my mum & Grace trying to get through my ever increasing pile of sewing, mending, remaking etc so that I can work on more exciting projects. Like the blanket for our bed made of old dressing gowns. Which I imagine to be pieced like patchwork but sewn together so it doesn't need to be backed. So it can be washed & dried on a sunny Melbourne winters day & then back on the bed.

As it turned out, G was home with a coldy fluey type thing & one of my stepsisters & my step dad came for lunch today as well as mum. It was a hoot, all crammed around our small kitchen table, so no-one could move around our small kitchen. We don't sit much at the dining table in the sun room, maybe because it is mostly set up as my very ace, very light sewing space. Even though it is actually very easy to transform back into a dining room. The kitchen is warmer & cosier.

I did get some sewing done. I made two baby blankets. The first, a prototype which will be used as Grace's stroller blanket has many flaws. The binding didn't work as well as I hoped, the applique is big & clumsy. It's OK, the material is pretty special, I think, and it will do. I think I need to get a foot for applying binding. The second, using the bigger piece of the special material, is a new baby present and turned out much better. It has some rough patches & some flaws, but not too bad considering the limitations of my skill & equipment. Despite this, I think R will like it.

Sometimes I think I'm very harsh about the things I make, but often there's always such a big gap between how I want it to turn out & what I end up with. This morning I was rushing, when really I needed to calm down, do test patches, consider, iron, pin, baste before zooming ahead & then having to spend time unpicking. At least I had the sense to make the prototype before starting on the present.

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