an afternoon in town

I had the opportunity to catch the tram into town by myself this afternoon as G was home sick(ish) from work today & available as co-parent. Lots of errands which all got done, cash from medicare, some absurdly expensive but cute soft soled shoes for Grace, a present for a one year birthday party, some new tee shirts & a new book for Grace. But no tights for mummy. Why oh why can't I but a pair of opaque tights in a large size? I'm tall, but also about a size 20-22 so ordinary tights just don't do it. I can buy clothes, boots, undies all with various degrees of success but not tights. I tried department stores, specialty shops & larger lady shops. Nothing. It never ceases to amaze me how as a society we are swamped to the point of suffication with all manner of goods to buy, yet so often the thing that you really want is elusive.

I've found somewhere on the web that sells plus size tights but it seems ridiculous that I can't buy them locally & have to have them sent from the US. Maybe I'm missing somewhere really obvious.

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