sunday morning

I like Sunday mornings. It's not my sleep-in morning, that's Saturday. But Sunday mornings have their own charm. Grace doesn't start burbling in her cot until about seven, so it's not too brutal. When I go into her room to pull the curtain it is drizzling outside. Another grey & wet Melbourne autumn day. So much for my plan to go the Coburg market. I open the lounge room curtains & turn on the heater & radio. Get Grace up, take her snugglesuit off, change her sopping disposable for a cloth nappy & uberpants, put on her new bootees & a jumper over her stretchie suit. Place her in the high chair & start preparing her Weetbix. Give her a drink & she starts looking anxious as the Weetbix & milk go in the microwave. It might never come out, who knows? We settle into eating, the morning calms down. I try & teach her how to use the spoon, she puts it in her mouth but passes it to me for reloads.

Grace finishes & I put her on the floor to play while I put a load of washing on. Then I have my breakfast & read a little. It's the second in a quest series & it's a bit dull. I bought the first at the op shop & was drawn in enough to buy the second new. Maybe my days of reading fantasy & scifi are over. Grace pulls all the pots & pans out of the scullery cupboards & then bumshuffles into the sunroom to explore her box of toys & scrap materials. She emerges with some pink flannelette in her month & an impish grin. But she's just passing through on her way to find Daddy. I've shut the door so Gerard can get some sleep but she pushes through & gets her cuddle.